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Seattle Bus Fan's Page

Thanks for 21 years of wonderful service! Have a well earned retirement!! BYE BYE 1400s.

For those who don't know, 1400s were the first modern articulateds in the USA.

Metro Fleet Roster
Complete Roster
900-series coaches
AMG trolleys.
1400-series coaches
1979 MAN artics
1600-series coaches
Flyer D900s
2000-series coaches
1982 MAN artics
2300-series coaches
1999 NFI D60 artics
3000-series coaches
1986 MAN Americanas
3200-series coaches
1996-1999 Gillig Phantoms
4000-series coaches
1986 MAN artic trolleys
5000-series coaches
1990 Breda Dual Mode artics
5600-series coaches
1996-1998 Ford/Champion Vans

Keegan Hartman
Seattle, WA

All photo copyright (Keegan Hartman) If you take them I will be mad. If you want them, please ask.

Please join the Seattle Transit Mailing List... On this list we will discuss mass transit in the Seattle/Puget Sound Region... Vancouver has their own list, so why can we?

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